About Us

Created in 1997 to alleviate homelessness among families with children, our organization builds bridges between people in need and people who want to help. We do so in an extremely cost-effective manner by mobilizing local congregations who provide meals, support, and private family lodging.

Family Promise of Greater Savannah utilizes a network of Host Congregations where the families spend each evening, having dinner and activities with volunteers.  After dinner each family then retires to a private room on the congregation’s property. In the morning, breakfast is provided, bag lunches are packed, and the Family Promise van returns the families to the Day Center.  The day center serves as a home-base for the families--giving them an address and access to a phone. Families enjoy the comfort of a day room and playroom designated for their use. They also avail themselves to shower & laundry facilities, and attend to small children. The day center provides an opportunity for them to prepare resumes, apply for jobs, and seek housing.  Family Promise offers families the opportunity to remain together; to build up savings, and to make connections with volunteers from Host Congregations who are motivated to help them succeed.  The one-family-per-room accommodations allow the families the dignity and privacy not always available through other organizations.

In addition to Host Congregations, the Network also consists of Support Congregations, which contribute volunteers, in-kind donations, and financial donations to the Network. 

Our goal is to move families from homelessness to independence and self-reliance. We believe that every person can effectively manage their own lives if given the appropriate community resources and support